Ben Stiller Says People Confuse Him For Adam Sandler ‘All The Time’

Ben Stiller recently shared an interesting tidbit about his friendship with Adam Sandler and claims that people mistake him for Adam ‘all the time.’ Stiller said about people confusing the two of them, “So, just like, in life, it’s always like, ‘Yo, Sandler!’ So we’re like sending each other videos of people like going like, ‘Hey, Adam, I love you. Thank you!'” He continued, “Adam’s true self comes through in his work and who he is, and he is very honest, and in his comedy and his acting, he reveals himself. And I think people really appreciate that and connect with that.” He added, “He reaches out so much to his fellow actors and friends. He’s very supportive. It’s just who he is, but that’s one of the things I love about him.”