Biden: U.S. Faces “Moral Choice” In Confronting Gun Violence

(Washington, DC) — President Biden says the U.S. faces a “moral choice” in confronting rampant gun violence. Biden hosted a White House event celebrating the bipartisan gun safety bill he recently signed into law. Biden called it the first significant firearms bill to clear Congress in nearly 30 years. He said, “Lives will be saved today and tomorrow because of this.” Biden also labeled it a “call to action to do more.” He added, “We will match thoughts and prayers with action.”

Biden praised Republicans who joined Democrats in passing the bill. Family members and survivors of nearly a dozen high-profile mass shootings were invited to the ceremony. A protester briefly interrupted Biden and the President said, “Sit down; you’ll hear what I have to say.” Bipartisan efforts to craft some sort of guns bill were prompted by deadly mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, Texas. The firearms bill doesn’t ban any guns, including so-called military-style weapons, or high-capacity ammunition magazines. Biden called assault rifles “weapons of war” and said they need to be banned.