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Krispy Kreme Launches Special Sweet Treat Tribute To Mars

Morning on Mars, illustration. Rocky landscape on Mars, the fourth planet from the sun and the second smallest in the solar system. Mars is a rocky desert world with no surface water. The atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide and Martian surface temperatures are well below freezing. Both water ice and frozen carbon dioxide form in the coldest regions of Mars. Particles of dust and iron oxide in the thin atmosphere give it a brown-pink-orange colour.

A new doughnut at Krispy Kreme promises to be out of this world. The chain is celebrating NASA’s Perseverance Rover landing this week on Mars with a doughnut that looks like the red planet. It’s aptly named “The Mars Doughnut.” The chocolate kreme-filled creation is dipped in caramel icing with a red planet swirl and sprinkled with chocolate cookie crumbs. Perseverance is scheduled to land on Thursday (2/18) in Mars’ Jezero Crater and that’s the one and only day the special sweet treat will be available.  So, set your alarm right now so you don’t forget.

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