State officials propose Pioneer Home rate increases

Associated Press
JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) – State officials are proposing rate increases of between 40 percent and nearly 140 percent for residents of Alaska’s state-supported elder-care facilities.

Clinton Lasley is the director of the division overseeing Pioneer Homes. He says to cover proposed budget cuts, the homes are looking at rates in line with the cost to provide services. Critics call the plan unworkable.

The current, lowest-cost option. including housing, food, emergency help and events, is $2,588 per month. It would be $3,623 monthly under the proposal.

The current top level costs $6,795 per month. The proposed new, most comprehensive level would cost $15,000 monthly.

The biggest percentage increase would be for elders at the current intermediate tier with higher staffing needs whose rates could rise nearly 140 percent.

Lasley says elders wouldn’t be evicted if they couldn’t pay.