With a rebel yell in the midnight hour she wants more more more yes indeed its a nice day for a white wedding. If that made any sense to you then you must know Billy Idol. Take a look at this video and tell me if he is more than just a tough sounding singer from the eighties.

The way Billy would have that open mouth screaming type style all wrapped in black leather and ripped shirts, sure that’s 80’s punk style imported from England but when I saw the video to this song recently after watching a video by the band Whitesnake, it started to stand out how not very tough Billy looked.

I just think it’s hard to look cool dancing for the most part which is a huge reason I became a DJ, so I would never have to dance. Recently I was playing some songs for a friend on youtube when I noticed the huge differences from the rock band Whitesnake. Billy is singing and dancing around like a cross between Micheal Jackson and Prince. He has the moves and then will stand and punch his fist in the air  like a Jersey shore cast member. One of the things about how you remember things is it’s normal to have a skewed perception for 40 years and then with wisdom begin to notice things you never saw before. I don’t exactly know why Billy isn’t way bigger on the hearts and minds of music lovers because he was the total package of voice, charisma, and dance moves. I think the only thing I can’t still believe is that I thought Billy was Rock & Roll but in reality it’s more like pop music. Not that there is anything wrong with that.



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